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Patterdale Community Fund

Helping our community

The Patterdale Community Fund was set up as a partnership between the church and the Parish Council at the beginning of the Covid pandemic to support people on the civic electoral roll of the parish during the Covid pandemic.  Recently we have expanded our range of grants in conjunction with the Patterdale Youth and Community Fund.

Together we offer:                                                            COMMUNITY GRANTS to help those who have a financial need. YOUTH GRANTS to help young people to achieve an ambition. ENHANCEMENT GRANTS to help people or organisations with a vision to improve the lives of those in our parish.


For further details click this link, or if you know someone who may need support, please contact the Vicar, Andrew Callaway, or the Chair of the Patterdale Youth and Community Fund, Andrew Laverick.

If you would like to donate to this fund, please use the QR code below or the following link:  DONATION TO PATTERDALE COMMUNITY FUND

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Patterdale Community Fund Donations
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Please use the QR code on the left for donations to the Patterdale Community Fund or use this link:  Patterdale Community Fund.

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