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Donations and Giving

Thank you for considering supporting the work of this church in its community financially. 

Please scan the QR code below or click here to discover other ways of how to do so easily:

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Supporting Ukrainian Families

Richard Theobald, Churchwarden of St Patrick’s, established a charity in 1998 called Theotrust, to support the education of children in poverty/orphanages in Russia.  Since 2014 and the Ukrainian Revolution, the Charity has worked with displaced Ukrainian children/families.  These children and families need additional help and support since Russia invaded in February 2022, whether they choose to leave or stay in the Ukraine.  Theotrust is in direct contact with several families and can get support to them through their local knowledge on the ground. 

Rather than support one of the larger charities working in this situation, St Patrick’s Church is supporting this smaller charity with which we have very close connections, and where relationships with families on the ground are already established. 

Please donate by the link here, or scan the QR code below, or by BACS transfer:

        Ukraine Appeal

Account name:                PCC of Patterdale

Sort Code:                      20-66-97

Account Number:           30686654

Many thanks!

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