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Church Worship

The current worship pattern at St Patrick's on a Sunday is as follows:



1st Sunday:   10.30am - Holy Communion

2nd Sunday:  10.30am - Morning Worship

                        5.30pm - Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion                                           (said service) or Evensong (with recorded


3rd Sunday:  10.30am - Holy Communion

4th Sunday:  10.30am - Morning Worship

                       5.30pm - Contemporary Worship (modern worship                                               songs and exploration of Bible)  

5th Sunday:  10.30am - Holy Communion 

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ZOOM:  We will attempt to livestream all our live services from St Patrick’s by ZOOM.  Also, if you think you will be joining us by ZOOM, let us know and we will e-mail you the Orders of Service as these will not be printed on screen as previously.  We can also give you or send you a hymn book to use, as we will not be printing the hymns/songs out. 

The ZOOM link for all services will be as follows (the link will not change and can be used for all of the services):

Meeting ID: 886 6826 7736

Passcode: 842254