Church Worship

The current worship pattern at St Patrick's on a Sunday is as follows:

Morning Worship by ZOOM

Every Sunday at 9am

Our ZOOM services are intended for those who are self-isolating or who prefer to worship from the comfort of their own home!  It is also an opportunity for those who live away from the area to join with us in worship, eg second-home owners or wedding couples.

Worship follows a Morning Worship liturgical format, with recorded hymns, and a talk, often with Powerpoint images, and lasts about an hour.

Our Church Council have decided that we are now in a different position to Christmas with regards to COVID-19, so we have decided to start services again inside church (with the usual social distancing, face coverings etc) from Easter Day.  We will therefore, from Easter Day, be holding ZOOM services at 9.00am and live services inside church at 11.00am, until further notice.  We will review whether to continue ZOOM services in a few months’ time, depending on how many people continue to avail themselves of that opportunity.  The ZOOM services are available for anyone so please do invite anyone whom you think might be interested/enjoy/benefit from them.  We welcome all to all our services! 

The services for St Patrick’s over the next two weeks are as follows:

Sunday 11th April.

Sunday 18th April.

All are welcome!

Services inside St Patrick's during COVID-19

We have begun services inside church again (as well as ZOOM) beginning at 11am. 

1st Sunday:  Holy Communion

2nd Sunday:  Holy Communion

3rd Sunday:  Holy Communion

4th Sunday:  Methodist Service (more informal)

5th Sunday:  Holy Communion


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