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Vicar taking early retirement

Last service 22nd January 2023

Morris has sent the following message to all in Patterdale Parish:

Dear all

I’m writing to let you know that I shall be taking early retirement from my role as Vicar of Patterdale. 

We have loved being here in Patterdale parish, and have wanted to retire at some stage in this general area, though, as everyone knows, house prices are high.  However, a small window of opportunity has arisen where we have just sold our house in Leamington (completed whilst we were on holiday at the end of October) and with some financial help from Judith’s Mum have had an offer accepted on a house in Penrith which suits our needs very well (can’t afford anything closer to here!).  There is no chain so it is very likely to go through. 

Given that the Vicar’s job here is unpaid, and takes far more time than the advertised two days a week plus Sunday services, it means that I don’t actually have time to do the income generating jobs that would make the Vicar’s role sustainable for us financially.  This all means that, subject to the house purchase in Penrith proceeding, I shall be retiring as Vicar of Patterdale, and all of its associated roles, on 22nd January 2023. 

Judith and I absolutely love the villages here and all the people (without exception!), and I know we haven’t been here that long (comparatively!) but we have to be sensible about our own lives too and there is a window of opportunity now which it would be foolish for us not to take. 

I will be continuing with my PAT Testing business so will be travelling down this way for work reasonably frequently (I hope!), and we love walking in this area too, so hope to be able to keep in touch, as we’ve made many friends here.

I do feel guilty about having to make an announcement like this, but hope people will understand our situation and the reasoning for the decision. 

God bless


07774 296652

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