Legal Matters

When people request to reserve a grave-space in the graveyard of St Patrick’s Church they have to apply for a faculty from the Diocesan Registrar.  This is discussed by the Church Council first, and then has to be sent to the Registrar (legal officer of the Diocese) for faculty approval.  As part of this process we are issued with a notice to place in church, on an outside noticeboard and also on our web-site so that people can see it and object if they wish to.  Seeing that the Church Council have already discussed and approved applications before they go to the Registrar objections are very unlikely, but faculty notices are put up just in case anyone wider wishes to object. 

The links below take you to any notices which are currently on display on the outside notice-board of church (opposite the Rectory) for a grave-space.

Anne Charlotte Hill. 

Notice of Faculty Request

Graveyard Plan.

If anyone wishes to object to the use of this grave-space please write to the Registrar by 11th April 2021.